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Local dispatchers receive high marks for response times

Amarillo, TX - Intercommunication between law enforcement agencies is very important and the Department of Public Safety said the Potter County Sheriff's Office is excelling in that area.

All dispatchers have to respond to information requests from the Texas Crime Information Center within ten minutes. A recent DPS audit of those requests found Potter County dispatchers responded within the time frame 100 percent of the time, which they said is very rare.

Quick response times for information requests on warrants and stolen property are crucial for law enforcement agencies throughout the state to work efficiently. "You've got other agencies waiting on that information. Not only the agency, but the officers standing outside on the side of the road waiting with whoever they've got stopped," said Sheriff Brian Thomas. "And it ties up everybody. So the faster you can get that done is the reason for the ten minute thing, so they can make sure everything gets done in a timely manner so we're not tying up officers or citizens out on the side of the road."

Although responding quickly sounds easy, it's one of many tasks the dispatchers are required to do. "You have to realize that these girls that are working up there are also doing everything else," said Sheriff Thomas. "We could be in the middle of a big disaster and they're still answering all the 911 calls, dispatching deputies and whatever else. Plus, they're still doing this. So it's a huge honor for them to come in and audit us and say, man you guys did awesome."

The DPS audit also found the dispatchers had 100 percent accuracy for recording the correct information in their reports. Sheriff Thomas said the successful audit has everything to do with his staff's attention to detail. "We just have a great group of people that work up there. And thank goodness that we do. We appreciate them for it every day."

The DPS audits the Potter County Sheriff's Office every three to five years.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10
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