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Lawton Fort Sill Co-Op members witnessed basic training first hand

FORT SILL, Okla._More than 40 members of the Lawton Fort Sill Co-Op got the chance to tag along with new soldiers and see what basic training is like.

They were able to see several events like a 40 fort rappelling tower, a gas chamber and even a combat simulator. The Co-Op exists to strengthen the relationship between the City of Lawton and the military community of Fort Sill.

The first event for the wide eyed civilians was Treadwell Tower. It’s meant to put a little fear in you but also there so you can conquer your fears. For basic trainees and the civilians alike, it's a little nerve racking.

"When I first saw that wall I was ‘well I have always been the kind that isn't very adventurous so I don't see how they do it’," said Executive Vice President of the Lawton Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce, Beverly Orr.

They also got a chance to engage the United States Army's worst enemy, turkeys

"We got to shoot turkeys and after a hundred shots I managed to kill nine, so that's pretty good," said Orr.

They shot the turkeys using the Army's Engagement Skills Trainer 2000. It's like a big video game that trains soldiers and civilians on how to properly operate a rifle.

"It's amazing how it feels so real. It really does feel real. I mean, we were all lined up there and we were all talking about how the weight of it feels right and they have the magazines they putting into it for us and showing us how that works," explained Orr.

Unless you join the Army, chances like this can be once in a lifetime. It's something these Co-Op members will remember for a long time.

"I mean, we are only on the other side of the fence from Fort Sill but we don't necessarily know what all goes on and so it's interesting to be able to get an opportunity to see that and understand more when you see those soldiers in Lawton, what they have been going through," said Orr.

It's an experience many wished could have lasted longer but a taste is all you really need to see how dedicated these soldiers are.

On a side note, the fourth annual Fort Sill Polo Classic starts Sunday at 2:00 p.m. on the Polo Field. It’s a free event that Fort Sill has done since the 1920's.

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