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11th Annual Crawds N Rods

ELGIN, Okla_ It's not often southwest Oklahoma gets a taste of Louisiana, but when it does you can bet the Elgin Fire Department has a hand in it.

Saturday was the 11th Annual Crawds N Rods Festival.

A few thousand people turned out for the event.  

One of them was Danny LaFleur, from Louisiana,  and he says this day brings back old memories of home.  

He's certainly no stranger to handling the crawfish.  

"To peel it all you need to do is pinch it off and tear that shell of that the legs are on. *eats* That baby is ready to eat."

It wasn't all about the crawfish Saturday.

You can't forget the rod's portion of Crawds N Rods.

More than 150 cars turned out Saturday afternoon.  

Elgin Fire Chief Mike Baker says it's the most they've ever had.

They also sold all 600 raffle tickets to win a custom car.  

All of the money is going right back into the Elgin Fire Department.  

"We're looking to buy some bigger props for our fire prevention.  Maybe some inflatable house or props for the students to go through.  Something to change it up.  We don't want to do the same thing every year."

The hot rod alone will  bring in $10,000 to the Elgin Fire Department.  

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