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Medicine Park has a new Chief of Police

MEDICINE PARK, Okla._The town of Medicine Park now has a new police chief.

Last month, Police Chief Rod McKee retired after seven years on the job, leaving the position open for his assistant Tom Adrahtas. Adrahtas was McKee's Assistant Chief for all seven years. The new chief has 20 years of experience in the military and the last 10 was spent as a reserve police officer.

Growing up, Adrahtas always wanted to be in law enforcement and knew a military background would be helpful in making that transition. When he retired from the Army in 2007, he was stationed at Fort Sill so when he had a chance to join the Medicine Park department, he took it.

"This is where I am staying. That's why I retired from the Army, I had a couple other law enforcement opportunities across the country and I sat there and thought about it and said this is the place I want to retire," said Chief Adrahtas.

Adrahtas says the day he signed his retirement papers from the Army was actually the same day he went on full time for Medicine Park. He's spent the seven years since then under the wing of Rod McKee, who he calls his best friend.

"We stay in contact all the time and he's taught me a lot of the admin stuff I never knew about," said Adrahtas.

Even though he has learned a lot under McKee, Adrahtas says there is room for improvement in the Medicine Park Police Department.

"Currently, reserve officers are not required to have any continuing education throughout the year like the full time,” explained Adrahtas. “We are required 25 hours a year as a minimum with 2 hours being mental health. Well I've informed our reserves they will match the same requirement."

The goal behind the extra training is so the department doesn't get complacent. It doesn't just stop there; the new chief has goals of improving their equipment like their radar and camera systems and their first aid. They’re also looking to improve on the amount of officers on duty.

"I'm working towards having 24/7 protection where somebody is on duty all the time. We are getting real close to being there," said Adrahtas.

Adrahtas says right now of their ten officers, two are full time and he expects to be able to put another on full time here soon.

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