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Family member seeks justice for murder victim

COMANCHE, Okla._ A murder victim’s family member attended a city council meeting to seek justice for her loved one killed nearly 30 years ago.

"I was told last week it would not be on your agenda and I ask please, please can you have this on your agenda," said Becky Pentland, the victim’s cousin.

Friends and family of Mary Morgan Pewitt attended Tuesday’s Comanche city council meeting on a mission to make June 4th, 2014 "Justice for Mary Morgan Day" in the city.

However, despite the proper paperwork, the proclamation never made it on the council agenda to be voted on.

Emotions ran high as Mayor Debbie Hancock told the crowd that she was not aware of the item before this week. Although the mayor could not give Pewitt's loved ones a decision Tuesday, she did schedule a special meeting so the proclamation could be voted on before June 4th.

"I was not aware of what the proclamation read and I wanted to make sure with our city attorney that whatever was in the proclamation did not be detrimental to the case for the family. I'm 100% in favor for the family to find justice for their family member," said Mayor Debbie Hancock.

Council members will vote on the proclamation Thursday at 5:30 p.m. Mary Morgan Pewitt was brutally murdered in Comanche back on June 4th, 1988.

The case remains unsolved.

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