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Medicine Park virtually off-limits to sex offenders

MEDICINE PARK, Okla._Recently, Governor Mary Fallin signed a new bill preventing aggravated or habitual sex offenders from being near any park in the state.

Under the new law, sex offenders considered as habitual or aggressive would not be allowed within 500 feet of a park. Lawton has 82 parks in all, but it is not just limited to parks, the bill also includes schools and day care centers.

In the town of Medicine Park, all along Medicine Creek is considered a park, so when 500 feet on each side of the creek is off-limits, these specific sex offenders aren't allowed to enter essentially the entire town.

For Jenna Thornton, who runs a business in Medicine Park and brings her son everyday, she's always wary of what could happen.

"Honestly it's a constant concern I think with any parent. As soon as you have any children, automatically you are suspect of everyone," said Thornton.

The new law gives the town a little more protection and reassures her that her son is safe.

"It does provide an extra buffer zone and you can keep people out to a certain extent and I think that is going to help," said Thornton.

The town runs off of tourists and visitors, especially the creek. During the summer on any given day you can spot multiple children in their bathing suits.

"It's definitely comforting to know we have that little extra assurance and I think for all of our citizens and tourist who come to town that's an added bonus," said Thornton.

Along with the added bonus of it being illegal for aggressive sex offenders to enter the town, state law doesn't allow any sex offender to live with in a 2,000 foot radius of a park which makes Medicine Park virtually safe from sex offenders.

A habitual or aggressive sex offender is an offender who has committed a crime against a child, or individuals who have committed more than one sex crime.

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