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Cache family plagued by illness

CACHE, Okla._ Plagued by illness, a mother here says she’s hoping for community support as her four children continue to suffer from four different medical conditions.

“Nobody is ever prepared for what life throws at you,” says Jennifer Ramirez, who has been hit with quite a few curveballs in life.

Her four children are all diagnosed with life changing illnesses: Autism, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, obstructive sleep apnea, nephrotic kidney disease and scoliosis.

“Acute lymphoblastic leukemia with an 85 percent survival chance and 15 percent death chance,” says 10-year-old Payton Ramirez, who has been suffering from leukemia since 2011.

He is currently cancer free and optimistic about making a 100 percent recovery.

“I think one day really soon, I’ll be back to normal.”

For now, he's surrounded by loving brothers and sisters, all with medical problems of their own.

Forced with being in and out of doctor's appointments, Mrs. Ramirez was recently let go from her job. She has been a nurse for 14 years, and although she knows she needs to get back to work soon, she says her children's current needs are far more important.

“I know that my kids need me."

What most would consider a high-stress situation, this family deals with their misfortunes in stride.

“One day at a time, just dealing with whatever it is that I can deal with."

The Ramirez family says they can use any help the community can offer. There has been an online fundraiser set up for the family which can be viewed here.

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