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Fritch is ready to move on after the wildfire burned through neighborhoods

Fritch, TX - Many of the state resources that came in to help with the wildfire are slowing starting to back off.

Information Coordinator for Hutchinson County, Carie Richards says they have many other local resources.

"The City of Fritch, the City of Stinnett, the City of Borger. We also have mutual agreements with Carson county," said Richards.

Now with the fire contained at 90%, Hutchinson County feels confident they will contain that last 10% on their own.

"We can handle this to the end of this incident," said Richards.

Now the next step on the agenda is to get the affected areas restored.

"We are grateful for resources that we can get to rebuild this wonderful community," said Richards.

And it might take some time for that to happen.

"As wind picks up and people are out there stirring around, trying to clear their property, more fires could be sparked up. So, it probably going to be an extended time for the community of Fritch to get a level place," said Richards.

Hutchinson County is also looking into some much needed funding.

"FEMA is aware of our situation. They've been in contact with us and we are assessing the damages at this time. We know we're at a state level at this time," said Richards.

And other organization say they will do their best to help as well. Which is something some residents are grateful about.

Fritch resident, Larry Kiser says the best people in the world live in the Texas Panhandle.

"You can't beat the people in Texas panhandle," said Kiser.

Now that the county is handling the fire on a local level, keeping residents safe is a priority.

"Firework season is right around the corner, we're going to be banning those fireworks, unfortunately. That's just going to be salt in a wound for these's not anything we want to risk," said Richards. 
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