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Tenth Annual GOP Fish Fry Fundraiser

DUNCAN, Okla_Nearly one thousand people turned out Saturday evening for the tenth annual GOP Fish Fry Fundraiser.  It's the biggest gathering of republicans in the state aside from the party conventions. There were some big names in attendance including Governor Mary Fallin, former House Speaker TW Shannon, and Attorney General Scott Pruit.

With primaries right around the corner, the fish fry has turned into an election battleground during election years. It’s the meet and greet that could make it or break it for some of these GOP candidates.

Chairman of the Stephens County Republican Party, Leon Farris, said, "These candidates are scrambling to get the last votes in their corner before the primary."

That primary is June 24th, and the candidates are hopeful to survive. For the past ten years, this GOP fish fry fundraiser has grown, even attracting Governor Mary Fallin this year to speak.  She says, that for candidates, it's a great way to find out what voters want. "It's very important for the candidates to come out and talk to constituents and to listen to the constituents, the voters, of what they have to say,” said Gov. Fallin.

Candidates like Scooter Park who is running for State House of Representatives District 65. He says that it’s important not just for the candidates but also for the voters. Park continued, saying, "I think that the constituents should not only meet who they are going to vote for but find out everything they can about them."

Some might call Duncan a small town, but it’s a huge factor when it comes to Oklahoma state government. Farris said, "Good government starts at the grassroots. This is grassroots. The people that come to this will go to the poles and make decisions about who we are going to place in office in Oklahoma and that will impact our government."

There were more than twenty candidates vying for many different offices. From US Senator to State Schools Superintendent. Again, the primary election coming up on June 24th.
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