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OSBI investigates recent officer-involved shooting

LAWTON, Okla._The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is still compiling its final report, but some of their findings have already been relayed to the Comanche County District Attorney's office.

OSBI agents have talked to the D.A. about the crimes Duffy Randolph Ahhaity may have committed Saturday night prior to his armed confrontation with police. OSBI is handling both sides of the investigation now. They are investigating any criminal activity by Ahhaity and they continue to investigate the actions of the officers.

OSBI Special Agent Richard Goss says when it comes to an incident with an officer involved shooting there are times when they investigate all of it and times where they just investigate the shooting.

"I those are so separated by either geography or time frame then typically we will work the officer involved shooting aspect of it only,” explained Goss. “However, there are certain situations where the two cases wind up so co-mingled together that it's really in the best interest that one organization complete the entire investigation."

As for the possible criminal activity by Ahhaity, that seems to be over, as information was delivered to the district attorney on Monday.

"Ahhaity at this time remains in the city jail. We expect the decision by the district attorney's office within the next couple of days over what, if any, criminal charges he might be facing," said Goss.

As for the officer-involved shooting, the investigation continues. Now they must sort through evidence and interview witnesses. That part of the investigation doesn’t have a time frame of when it could wrap up.

“You go out and interview a person that has information related to this matter and they provide you with three names of other people that might have relevant information and then you have to go out and interview them and they might provide other names. So you can't really say when a particular investigation will come to an end," said Goss.

The investigation is still early on to see if the two officers who shot Ahhaity, when he allegedly pointed a gun at them, went by state statute governing justifiable the use of force by an officer. When the investigation is completed the decision won't be up to OSBI.

"That's ultimately the district attorney's decision. We just gather the facts," said Goss.

The names of the two officers have not been released. Goss says he expects they will be released if the DA files charges against Ahhaity.

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