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City of Fritch faces another hit from wildfire

Fritch, TX - The wildfire in the Fritch area is not helping the city's already struggling financial situation.

The fire hit one of the city's main sources of revenue: water. City officials say they have been relying on a $12 water surcharge to payback stolen city funds from 2011. The fire destroyed more than 100 water meters, which accounts for five percent of the city's water revenue each month.

City Interim Manager John Horst said this is a huge setback for Fritch to pay back their debt. "Considering the shape we're in, we have no reserves of cash and we will just have to work through this. I'm hoping maybe we can get some state aid to assist us, but there's no guarantee of that."

Horst said the city also spent extra money on unplanned overtime because their utility department is trying to repair many leaking water lines caused by the fire. The Lake Meredith Harbor area is still under a boil advisory while the repairs are being made.

As far as making up for lost revenue, Horst could not say whether the city would make more budget cuts or increase the water surcharge. He said they should have a plan by next month's city council meeting.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10
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