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Baird will stand trial for the death of his wife

LAWTON, Okla._A Lawton man accused of killing and burying his wife underneath a pool in his backyard September 2013 will stand trial for murder.

David Baird is accused of killing Claudine Marroquin inside their home before burying her body beneath a swimming pool. During his preliminary hearing, one of the state's witnesses, a Lawton detective, took the stand to describe a crime he'll never forget.

Ken Parsons was investigating Marroquin as a missing person when they were called to this house to investigate a suspicious smell. Police made contact with Baird who said his wife was not home. Parsons told the courtroom that Baird went as far as to tell officers she had left the country and didn't know if she was ever coming back.

Parsons said Baird allowed detectives to look inside the house where officers noticed blood splattered on the kitchen wall. Parsons asked Baird if he or Marroquin had been injured and bleeding, but Baird said they had not been injured. Despite his claims, Parsons secured the house and told Baird not to leave town and later returned with a search warrant.

While searching the house that same night, detectives found a puddle of blood that turned out to be Marroquin's, but they still had not found a body. Later the next day, they determined the suspicious smell was coming from a tarp covering a small above-ground swimming pool in the backyard. Underneath the pool they found a two foot pit filled with a full black trash bag that they later determined was Marroquin's body.

The only other witness in the courtroom was a man who bought a truck from Baird a few days before her body was found. The truck actually belonged to Marroquin. He testified that she was no where to be found and Baird said she would be in Texas for weeks.

The state also submitted a medical examiner's report that determined her death was by asphyxiation. Ultimately Judge Joe Reeves said there was enough evidence connecting Baird to the crime to allow the state to put him on trial.

Marroquin's family was in full attendance at the hearing and said they were pleased with the outcome and says it's in God's hands.

Baird will find out when his trial date is during his formal arraignment which will happen in the next 30 days.

9/13/2013 Murder Victim, Suspect Identified

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