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Hutchinson County is looking for funding to cope with damages over the wildfire

Fritch, TX - The funding process for Hutchinson County has started.
Hutchinson County Fire Marshall, Danny Richards say they have qualified for some state assistance after being declared as a disaster.

But now the city is asking for federal funding from FEMA.

Hutchinson County Judge, Faye Blanks doesn't think they will get it. "The way the guidelines are and the threshold is, we don't think we'll meet it," said Blanks.

Those qualifications are having over 800 homes destroyed and over $35 million in damages. "But there's still a lot of work to make that determination," said Blanks.

Other officials are staying hopeful. "It could be that after the FEMA people look at our situation, we may be qualified for some funding them," said Richards.

And even if they don't get any FEMA funding, there are other ways to getting federal funding. "The Small Business Administration will be setting up in Fritch in the next couple of days offering very low interest, very long term loans to those people affected, and that is a federal program," said Richards.

And so far, Fritch has gotten funding through donations. "We've gotten donations from private industries and volunteer organizations," said Blanks. But right now, the city is really relying on help from the state.
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