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Former police chief officially retires

LAWTON, Okla._Lawton’s former police chief, Ronnie Smith, who had an ongoing legal battle with the city, finally reached a settlement which makes his official retirement May 16, 2014.

Smith served with the Lawton Police Department for 37 years up until his resignation in March of last year. After leaving the police department, Smith took a job as a sergeant at the Comanche County Sheriff's Department while also volunteering as the assistant fire chief for Valley View Fire Department. While it may be a long time coming, Smith marked his retirement with a ring purchased by many of his former fellow officers to honor his 30 plus years.

"The ones they are giving out are blue, mines green. When I came on in 1974 the uniforms were green, therefore they got me a green stone to match the uniforms," explained Smith.

Smith says if he could go back he wouldn't change what happened. He mentioned he does miss the police department but loves working with the sheriff's department.

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