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Rain makes for a welcomed forecast

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SOUTHWEST, Okla._When it rains, it pours. Or at least that's what we're all hoping for here as storm clouds finally begin to roll through southwest Oklahoma.

The rain is receiving a warm welcome from all over the region and no one is more thankful than our local farmers. The need for rain is obvious all around us, from water restrictions in town to levels barely covering our area's lake floors but these dark skies aren't just a welcome sight for farmland in Tillman County, this rain could determine livelihoods for the next several months.

"We have to have rain, we need the rain right now, any rain we get will help us," said Adam Bohl, a farmed in Chattanooga.

For Bohl, a cotton farmer, seven days of potential rain could mean the difference between a major harvest and throwing in the towel.

"That makes me feel a whole lot better than just one day of really high chance because we're going to have to have several days of rain and runoff rain," said Bohl.

"Just seeing a long prolonged chance of just seeing, not heavy rainfall but steady rainfall, a chance for that to soak into the ground or runoff into our lakes streams and ponds, it's just the greatest thing we could've forecasted," said SkyWARN 7 Chief Meteorologist Austin Bowling.

But Bohl says he's not quite out of the woods just yet.

"You gotta start with an inch before you can get four. I just dug down about ten inches and the ground is as dry as this gravel," explained Bohl.

The desire for rain makes this forecast all the more appealing but this in-demand deluge could also hurt us.

"We get a little bit of rain, we get things that want to green up and grow again.That's going to dry up pretty quickly and again you've got more fresh brush that's gonna be fuel for fires down the road," said Bowling.

For farmers living through drought conditions that almost seem permanent at times, rain will never wear out its welcome. Bohl says he'll continue to watch the skies with hope and prepare for when Mother Nature doesn't play fair.

"If I have a viable crop, I'll push forward and invest more money in it if I need to. If it's a total loss at that point the insurance adjustor comes and you start over for next year," explained Bohl.

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