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150 year old weaponry showcased on Fort Sill

FORT SILL, Okla._Cannon fire is not an unusual sound to hear with Fort Sill in our area. But today, in a Memorial Day tradition, that noise was coming from more than century-old weapons. 

Taylor Anderson knows a thing or two about cannons. He was the lead artillery expert in the 2003 movie, “The Alamo.” He loves cannons, and well, just about all weapons from that time period. Anderson spoke to what he loves the most, he said, "The noise, the smoke, the fire, getting good with period weapons. That's all we hunt with is old flintlocks and black powder cartridge guns, and things like that."

Don Waymack has been part of the Loyal Train chapter for over fifteen years. He says the life of a reenactor is an interesting life. Waymack said, "it's sort of like the Clint Eastwood movie the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good times you make good friends the bad times it could be the bad weather and just the massive heat, and the wool."

There is nothing wrong with a friendly competition that lets you practice your skills. Good thing these guys are doing the shooting, and not facing an enemy.

Anderson explained how deadly those cannons can be. He said, "It will kill as many people as you have lined up, in those ranks of infantry but you also got people getting killed by pieces of people, pieces of equipment like belt buckles, muskets that are shattered, you know secondary projectiles in all directions. It's horrible.” When the cannon fires, you don't want to be on the receiving side.

Firing cannons is a family passion, and something Anderson hopes to be doing for a long time. Anderson said, "My daughter does it so, maybe she will be rolling me out."

Anderson is also a famous author, writing the "Destroyerman" series. His daughter has joined the army, where she hopes to join the field artillery. The Loyal Train Chapter of the U.S. Field Artillery Association will not fire at Fort Sill again until 2016.

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