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Porter Hill residents without water

PORTER HILL, Okla._More than a hundred homes and a handful of businesses, in the Porter Hill community near Elgin, have been without running water since Friday night. As you can imagine, for those involved, the lack of water is starting to takes its toll. Many are using bottled water or swimming pool water just to use their toilets. It's a messy situation that neighbors say cannot be fixed soon enough.

One concerned citizen said, "You can't shower, you can't wash, you can do nothing." It's a necessity you don't realize the importance of until it's gone. Another citizen explained his struggles. He said, "Yeah, you are sitting there looking at the big pile of dirty dishes and you think oh my god this is getting ridiculous and you can't do nothing about it, smelling each other, you know what else can you do, just grin and bear it."

They have been grinning and bearing for two days now - - unable to reach water officials to find out when the problem will be fixed. "We called everything, everything that is on the contact, you know the contact numbers they give you, we had no satisfaction,” said one citizen.

Many in this community have tons of questions, and no answers. Some people were told a bad valve is the culprit, but were told workers were struggling to locate the problem spot.

For those without water though, they can't wait till it’s found. One resident said, "Of course we hope they find it as soon as possible, but again they are doing their best.”
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