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Vehicle crashes through northwest Lawton fences

LAWTON, Okla._A woman was injured after she drove off a busy Lawton road, through a fence and into a backyard.

This incident has two families saying "not again" as a car came flying off Rogers Lane only to a stop a few feet away from a home.

"There's a car in the backyard, we come in and trees are down, fence is down," said Sue Easterly after the car drove through her backyard.

It’s a car accident that has neighbors along Rolando Drive in disbelief, even tears, thinking about "what if" as crews work in rainy conditions to remove a car from a backyard that veered off Rogers Lane.

"If today wasn't a rainy day, it's summertime, my girls would have been outside playing and who knows," said Easterly.

The black Mercedes first drove through Easterly's wooden fence, coming to a stop just feet away from her neighbor's home.

"I want to say about three feet from actually hitting the brick. I came home from work and I saw the car, I mean, just so close, it made me feel uneasy," said Kristen Hull whose backyard is where the car came to a stop.

More than a dozen homes between 67th and 78th streets are protected by a brick wall, but at the brick wall stops at 78th Street and because of the lack of protection, cars have driven through the fence. Neighbors say this isn't the first time either.

"Last year, came probably ten or fifteen feet away from my bedroom while I was in bed," said Hull.

"There are only three houses here, why can't we have a wall here too," said Easterly.

While they wait for some sturdy protection, they're reminded that Tuesday's damage is fixable, counting their blessings and thankful to be alive.

"Cleanup is going to be horrendous," said Hull. "I think someone could have been seriously injured or killed."

Witnesses said the driver had to be cut out of her vehicle but she was conscious at the time. Her condition is still unknown.

As for those neighbors getting more protection for their homes, they say they've been back-and-forth with the city for past year and are hoping this unfortunate incident sparks the change they are looking for.

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