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Emotional testimony delivered in Weimer case

LAWTON, Okla._A Comanche County jury heard emotional testimony from the mother of a two-year-old boy who was allegedly killed by her fiancé.

Charles Weimer has been charged with first-degree murder by child abuse in the child's death. The former GEO prison guard listened to Courtney Ward talk about his relationship with her son, John Paul Gonzalez Jr., and what happened the day he died.

Prosecutors said Weimer had two problems in his life when living with ward, no money and JP. They backed that statement up with testimony from Ward, who told the jury it took awhile before she even let Weimer watch JP while she went down the street to the gas station or even just to go to the bathroom.

Ward also said JP wouldn't warm up to Weimer because Weimer would only command him and wouldn't even play with him. During her testimony she was given a picture of JP just days before he died and broke out in tears.

Testimony then turned to the day of his death. Ward was at work when she got a call from her mother saying Weimer had told her JP had fallen down the stairs and needed to go to the hospital. Ward said she immediately called Weimer who was already on the way to her workplace to pick her up.

She said when she got in the car she picked up JP and realized he was cold and limp. Weimer then drove them to Reynolds Community Army Hospital, but went to the appointment entrance instead of the emergency room. She said she told him, ‘this isn't the ER,’ to which he yelled, ‘I know where the emergency room is.’

Once in the ER, they questioned Ward about how JP got the injuries while they rushed to get him stable for surgery. But, he never made it and died an hour an a half later.

The state will continue their case first thing in the morning.

5/27/2014 Jury selection ongoing in Weimer case

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