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Youth Bowler of the Year Tournament

LAWTON, Okla_Nearly 150 kids, ages six to eighteen, gathered on Sunday at the Hog Pin Bowling Alley in Lawton, for the Oklahoma Bowling Center Associations' “Youth Bowler of the Year” Tournament.

It's one of the largest youth tournaments in Oklahoma, attracting bowlers from across the state. This was the first year Lawton hosted the big tournament.

The pins are set up, and these kids keep knocking them down. Malia Ryan is one of those competitors. She said, "It takes lots of practice and patience." Lawton native, James Bomboy's highest bowling score is a 290 out of 300. It probably helps that he's been bowling since he was two. Bomboy said,"Some people say it's a hobby, some people call it a sport, I see it as a little bit of both."

Dicki ward is the executive director of the OBCA. He says he loves getting youth involved in bowling. "Get them off the couch. That's the big thing right there. It gives them something active to do. It's not only a physical activity, it's also a social activity."

The kids love bowling, and being in a tournament tests and builds their skills. Bomboy explained what he loved about the tournament. He said, "Competition. I love the competition. I am pretty sure everyone here loves the competition. For sure, they all love the learning experience."

The OBCA gave over $2,400 of scholarship money at the tournament for the winners.
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