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Weimer has been found guilty of first-degree murder

LAWTON, Okla._Charles Weimer, the Lawton man accused of murder in the beating death of a two-year-old boy, was found guilty Tuesday by a Comanche County jury.

The jury deliberated a little more than an hour and a half before reaching their verdict, and recommending a sentence of life with the possibility of parole. Both sides had presented testimony over the past week from medical experts about the type of injuries John Paul Gonzales suffered. Weimer maintained that the boy fell down the stairs, but the jury believed the state's claim that Weimer beat the child.

Charles Weimer didn't budge when the foreman read the jury's decision. But, as you would expect, some members of the little boy's family were moved to tears when they heard it. For prosecutor Irma Newburn, it meant justice was served for them, and JP.

"There was no doubt in my mind that this child had been beaten," said Newburn.

Assistant District Attorney Newburn put many hours into this case, because the victims, especially young children, need a voice.

"I think it is hard for juries to sit and hear the evidence because it is typically gruesome in a homicide trial, and the victims don't speak for themselves, the state has to speak for the victims," said Newburn.

In this case, because JP was so young, he couldn't really speak for himself about what Weimer might have done to him before he died. So, the prosecution couldn't turn to friends or family members for stories about possible abuse. That meant it was up to the doctors to tell JP's story.

"There was no other way to explain the severity of the injuries, the locations of the injuries, the numerous injuries that this child had," said Newburn.

All throughout the trial it was debated by the defense. They tried to discredit the doctors the state called on, in her closing arguments, Newburn called it smoke and mirrors.

"That is just a way to try and confuse the issues, to take the focus off that autopsy report, because it is that report that allowed John Paul Jr. to tell his story," said Newburn.

Weimer's defense team did not have any comment about the verdict. Weimer will have to serve 38 years before he is eligible for parole if the judge goes with the jury’s recommendation. His formal sentencing is set for August.

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