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6th Annual Kiwanis Fishing Derby

LAWTON, Okla_  Kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Lawton cast their lines out in the 6th Annual Kiwanis Fishing Derby.

Boys and girls of all ages were catching fish left and right at the veteran's center.

That wasn't the only fun activities going on, kids were able to fly kites, jump rope and eat some hotdogs!

One fish... Two fish...  Little fish... Huge fish...
"Oh he's heavy." "Yay I caught one!"
It was excitement all over the pier at the veteran's center Saturday morning for the dozen's of kids enjoying the beautiful fishing weather.

Jarrod McLaughlin, the fishing derby chair, says for many of these kids this is their first time fishing and it is a slow process at the beginning.

"I wanna fish! Well grab a worm.  I'm not grabbing a worm! Like I said they won't grab the worms but they love catching them.  We've got a couple of them that are actually touching the worms now," McLaughlin said.

You could read the excitement on the children's faces, and McLaughlin says many have been looking forward to the derby since last years, but he hopes they learn Saturday they don't have to wait until next year to enjoy the outdoors.

"You can have fun like this and fish in city limits.  City of Lawton has quite a few opportunities most of the people don't know about it so this is our way of saying, 'hey the wildlife department is here to support you adults are here to support you, let's go fish.'," McLaughlin said.

Lastly these kids got an opportunity to cast a few lines with our communities veteran's an opportunity that McLaughlin says will hopefully make an impact.

"It's huge.  Lawton would not be here without our military, without our veterans, we wouldn't have the opportunity to be out here fishing if it wasn't for them," McLaughlin said.
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