3rd Annual Walk for Huntington's Disease

3rd Annual Walk for Huntington's Disease

Lawton, OKLA_More than fifty people showed up today at Cameron University for the Third Annual Walk for Huntington's Disease.  They walk to raise awareness of this terrible disease where you slowly lose your ability to talk, walk, and even think.

Kathy Timberlake's son, Bradley, was born a normal, healthy baby. Now he is 38 years old, and bound to a wheel chair. He is unable to walk, talk, or feed himself. It's for him, and the others with this disease why Kathy and her husband want to educate the world.

"Because people don't know what Huntington's is. It's kind of like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's but put together. Except people with Huntington's know everything that's happening, and they are very aware that they are losing the ability walk, losing the ability to talk, and communicate and eat and drink," said Timberlake.

The annual walk attracts families with members who have Huntington's. It's a way to share stories, provide comfort, and know that there are others out there that can help.

"We help each other so they can know how to help their loved ones, and this gives us a feeling of not being hopeless. Just gives us strongness to keep on doing it, because we have to be strong for Bradley," said Timberlake.

They plan on having the walk for many years to come to continue to spread awareness.

The group also meets the first Tuesday of every month at Westminster Presbyterian church in Lawton.