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Bug experts say it's time to gear up for mosquito season

Amarillo, TX - John Faulkner says he's seen an increase of calls coming into his pest service for mosquitoes.  

"This is their time of the year," said Faulkner. 

And even thought drought conditions have kept only a few out, consistent rain in the Panhandle is bringing them out.  

'It's just a product of having some rain standing, having moisture standing where they can lay their eggs," said Faulkner. 

And the mosquitoes this season seem to be even bigger and more aggressive. Local resident June Norman has already felt their bite in the Panhandle. 

"They seem like they're big and dark and then when they bite you they make really big marks," said Norman. 

And we aren't the only ones. Clovis' mosquito problem is so bad, that they are showing up on weather radar.

"The problem is not a mosquito. It's always the numbers of mosquitoes,"said Faulkner. 

But there are simple ways to keeping them away and off your skin.  

"Spray the grass that's in the shade because that's where the mosquitoes will be," said Faulkner. 

And there are even some unusual ways.  

"People use garlic, people use oil of eucalyptus...different things like that work," said Faulkner. 
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