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Fidelity Communications work on repairs after weekend flooding

LAWTON, Okla._We can all agree that southwest Oklahoma needed the rain, but one Lawton business got a very unpleasant surprise Monday morning...flooding.

The Fidelity Communications building flooded from a combination of Friday morning's hail and the weekend rains. Their normal office building is closed for the time being while they clean up the damage, but they now have a temporary location up and running.

There was water dripping from the ceiling tiles as workers were removing them. The building was starting to smell like mold, but the workers dried up most of the wet carpet with fans. Roofers say they found close to three hundred hail hits on the roof, which is likely where it all started.

The heavy rains caused water to seep not only into the ceiling but down into the walls and then out onto the floor, causing a huge mess. General Manager, Alan Holcomb says since they weren't open yet that morning, his first concern was all of the equipment which luckily was not damaged.

"Out of the 45 computers we have in this building we didn't lose one computer. That's a testament to the people that got down here at four in the morning to start covering things," said Holcomb.

Holcomb says they haven't stopped working since Monday morning. He credits his on-call tech, who was first on the scene, for taking the initiative to save the equipment.

"It would've been kind of easy at four in the morning to kind of blow it off and he didn't. He knew that it was more than just a few drops of water coming through," said Holcomb.

Holcomb says their next concern was safety, because ceiling tiles were falling. That's when they made the decision that they could not open for business. But, his biggest concern was inconveniencing his customers.

"We survive because our customers grace us with their business. So we're less concerned about our inconvenience and more concerned about customers and having a small temporary office," said Holcomb.

Holcomb says he hopes to be back in their regular office by next week, but isn't sure that will be possible because of the mold.

"We'll get through this, but we did need rain. We just didn't need it all at one time like this, but we'll take it when we can get it," said Holcomb.

The temporary office is located just around the corner at 816 SW "C" Avenue. If you do come to their main location they will take check payments but other customers will be directed to the temporary location.

Holcomb says this problem won't interrupt any scheduled installations or maintenance. Holcomb says bills can still be paid over the phone or online and they are working with customers' bill due dates until they are fully operational.

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