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Donations slow down during the summer months for the Salvation Army

LAWTON, Okla._Two things are common this time of year: the temperature is rising and so is the need for one local organization.

It's well known that the Salvation Army works to help as many folks as possible year round. But for a non-profit that's known for its generous holiday giving, sometimes the summer months can mean slow donations to Salvation Army stores in town.

If you're looking for a good deal or if you're just looking for that diamond in the rough, then the Salvation Army Family Store is one of your favorite places. But now the summer months are upon us and that means the racks are getting bare, putting strain on organizers and shoppers alike.

"Books, if that ain't what you want, you find couches, beds, clothes, purses," said Jeffrey Schutte as he browsed the options at the store.

Schutte has been shopping with the Salvation Army for over a decade and he says he finds hidden gems that fit perfectly in his budget.

"One time I got a little vase, a little pot that I put little pepper plants in. It's a couple dollars so you say ‘sure, why not’," Schutte said.

But since the temps have warmed up, shoppers like Schutte have a little less selection to choose from.

"There is less people donating their clothing, their furniture to the family stores and it's through those donations that we can generate income," said Lieutenant Israel Roseno of the Salvation Army.

In fact, Lt. Roseno says thrifters make up nearly forty percent of the organization's entire yearly budget. That's essential money that not just organizers rely on.

"Vouchers for those that have been affected by disasters, fire, robbery and as clothing vouchers to a lot of individuals that are looking for jobs," said Lt. Roseno.

It’s a simple service that means the world to Schutte.

"If you have low income, hardly any money coming in, people would probably be in desperate straits trying to find good quality items...and get your money's worth," said Schutte.

To schedule a free pickup you can call the Salvation Army at 580-355-0399. Donations can also be dropped off at either location, 602 SW Lee or 1404 SW “E”, between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. A tax deductible receipt is available for all donations.

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