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City swimming pool faces unexpected setback

LAWTON, Okla._ The public swimming pool in the city faces a major and unexpected setback, and it's now unclear when the pool will open up for the summer.

Kim Shahan, director of Parks and Recreation, told the council Tuesday night his staff started prepping the pool in mid-April and on opening day, May 27, they noticed the water was discolored.

Crews later found rocks and debris in pipes below the pool. Officials say some of the pipes have broken, which affects the circulation system into the pool's filter.

“What we're going to have to do is tear out concrete,” says Shahan. “We know we'll have to go at least 18 inches deep to resolve a portion of the problem and possibly even further than that."

Shahan says the initial repair cost is about $15,000. He doesn’t anticipate the work being finished until the middle of the summer.

The city council directed Jim Russell, assistant city manager, to find a funding source for the repair project as soon as possible.

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