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Tipton schools increase security to protect students

TIPTON, Okla._Tuesday's shooting in Oregon was the 74th school shooting in the past eighteen months.

While this has never happened in southwest Oklahoma, police in Tipton say if it does, they would want to be prepared. The Tipton Police Department teamed up with the school administration and is already implementing new security plans for the upcoming school year.

The school administration and police department will be busy this summer setting up new security plans with the money they raised from a fundraiser this past February. With the news of the latest school shooting, Tipton Police Chief Shannon Olson is determined to get it done so they won't have to go through a tragedy like the one in Oregon, here.

“It's a horrible event. Every single officer in my department has a relationship with somebody at our school. You know, whether they're kids, or wives, or teachers. Every one of us has a connection there. I couldn't imagine responding to a situation like that," said Chief Olson.

"Well it's tragic. I mean anytime that there's a school shooting. It hits close to home just because of the bond we have with different educators," said Tipton Superintendent Shane Boothe.

That's why, back in February, the police department helped to raise money to update the school's security.

"With that, we've had an officer at every single football game, every single basketball game, every tournament that we've had here…we've had an officer present,” said Chief Olson. "We've done 18 school programs with the kids where we've went into the school and done some type of a safety drug awareness, anti-bullying programs like that.”

They will also be installing security cameras inside and outside all of the school buildings. They have also recently fenced in the elementary school playground to ensure the children's safety during high traffic times.

"We do the best with what we have. All these others are just preventative measures that we try to employ to make it as safe as possible," said Boothe.

Both the police chief and superintendent are confident the new safety improvements will help keep the school safe for years to come.

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