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Angel stolen from Wiles' gravesite on one year anniversary

DUNCAN, Okla._A cruel crime has been reported in Duncan when a thief stole an angel statue from the grave of a teenage murder victim.

What's worse, the girl's family had just placed it there on the one year anniversary of her murder. Alyssa Wiles, 14, was stabbed to death in her home by an ex-boyfriend, 17-year-old Michael Ray. Her family remembered her by decorating her gravesite with several items, including an angel statue. But when they returned later in the day, the statue and other new items were all missing.

Tuesday was a big day for the Wiles family. Alyssa's father, Brad, said that the goal of the day was to celebrate Alyssa's life with all of those who knew and loved her. What they couldn't have expected was the thief who took part of that celebration away in broad daylight.

"To steal it from a gravesite, that's just wrong," said Brad Wiles.

Even after that fateful day of June 10, 2013, Brad Wiles still checks on his daughter as much as he can.

"I drive by daily, once in the morning, once in the afternoon and I tell her I love her and stuff," said Wiles.

The Wiles family is determined to celebrate Alyssa the best they can.

"We'd been out here five times that day, six times that day. Just went out to eat and came right back," said Wiles. "All of a sudden you walk up and it's just disgusting to see your stuff missing like that."

The statue wasn't the only thing that was taken, flowers from both sides of the headstone along with a wind chime was also stolen. Brad says it's not the first time this has happened, but this time the timing couldn't have been worse.

"We bought it just for the one year anniversary, just special for that because it kind of looked like her. My wife was real upset because she bought it just for that reason you know," said Wiles.

The Wiles family replaced the other stolen items, but the angel remains missing. Brad says he finds comfort in knowing that no amount of theft will ever sway Alyssa's loved ones from cherishing her memory.

"It's not going to deter us from putting things out here so we'll keep on decorating. We will keep her memory alive...there's no question about that," said Wiles.

Brad says the family is on the hunt for another statue that resembles their Alyssa. If you have any information on these thefts, you're asked to contact the Duncan Police Department at 580-255-2112.

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