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An additional tax may soon affect some people in our rural areas

Amarillo, TX - Unincorporated areas will soon vote on a 2% increase in sales tax.

People in the Bushland, River Road, Highland Park and anything west of Soncy will have the option to vote on a 2%t sales tax increase.  

"I vote every election I can." says Charlie Henderson, Bushland resident.

A new measure will be on this Novembers ballot, increasing sales tax in unincorporated areas by 2%.
The current sales tax within the city is 8.25% and in the unincorporated areas it's 6.25%.

The tax money can go towards law enforcement or road and bridge expenses... But in this case the Potter County Commissioner said they will focus the tax money on replacing more than 15 year old fire fighting equipment.

"Some of the major things, we still need new trucks. In the past, we have changed trucks out but actually we've bought used trucks so we really haven't lowered the age of our equipment and so we do need that. We do have a few fire stations that are quite old, their old huts that are housing 5-600,000 dollar fire engine and yet it's a $20,000 facility so we're looking at that. We're going to focus mainly on fire trucks and other equipment that actually do the fire fighting." says Leon Church, Potter County Commissioner

Only people in unincorporated areas will be allowed to vote on this new tax.

A resident from Bushland gave his opinion on higher sales taxes.

"I'm not for higher taxes of course but for fire fighters and rural protection, I think it would be OK for that." says Henderson

The commissioner says there are other options if the people don't agree with raising sales tax.

"But if we don't get this, we'll probably have to raise property taxes." says Potter County Commissioner

The 6.25%  is the State Tax... So right now the unincorporated areas do not have a sales tax.

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