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Miller enters blind plea, prosecution satisfied with sentence

LAWTON, Okla._The accused triggerman, charged with the 2013 shooting of a Lawton police officer, was sentenced to life in prison plus 20 years.

Demetrius Miller was scheduled to be tried Thursday on six separate charges that included two counts of shooting with the intent to kill. One day after his accomplice was found guilty on four of the six charges and sentenced to life, a mistrial was ruled in the two charges of shooting with intent to kill, Miller offered the judge a blind plea.

The blind plea miller offered on Thursday is not like a typical plea agreement, where the defendant's sentence is part of the deal. The blind plea is basically a guilty plea and gives the judge freedom to hand down whatever sentence he thinks is necessary. So, even though prosecutors didn't get the chance to present their case to a jury, they are satisfied with the outcome.

"The life sentence is on the 85% crimes, which means he won't even be eligible for parole until he serves at least 38 years and 3 months. And that doesn't even mean he gets parole at that time. If he becomes eligible for parole, he still has another 20 years to do after that," explained Assistant District Attorney Mark Stoneman.

Miller, along with Jamal Johnson, was caught trying to break in to a house last year. Once police arrived, Miller shot the Lawton officer, Eric Weatherly, four times. Stoneman said from the beginning, Miller never tried to shift the blame for the shooting.

"Jamal Johnson was part of the conspiracy. They were working in concert as a team. And we believe when Jamal Johnson ran, that was actually the catalyst for the struggle between Miller and Weatherly," said Stoneman.

The blind plea was only for the two counts of intent to kill. Miller still has another trial in September.

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