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Officials look into increasing danger of a county intersection

COMANCHE COUNTY, Okla._It's been close to a month since a 17-year-old was killed in a tragic accident at the intersection of Cache Road and Deyo Mission Road.

Some have spoken out saying the intersection is dangerous and needs improvements to be safer, saying the intersection needs a stop light, or at least a flashing light because they're certain this won't be the last accident in the intersection.

County Commissioner Hawthorne says for now he believes they have done everything that is needed to keep the intersection safe.

"We have warning signs that there is a stop sign up here when you are coming from the south and from the north. We keep it mowed and trimmed so if you go up and stop it's clear from both directions," said Hawthorne.

Hawthorne says there are signs on Cache Road warning drivers of an upcoming intersection as well. The one thing Hawthorne says they have seriously looked into is installing stop signs with flashing lights to further alert drivers.

"Those cost $2,000 a sign. So it would cost us $4,000 to put up flashing lights here," said Hawthorne. "But if we feel like it is warranted, if we hear back from that maybe the highway patrol recommends them we might look into putting them up."

Those signs not only come at a cost, but also a risk. Often times you can see county signs painted over, or with bullet holes.

"It comes in spurts. There for a while we had somebody defacing them, painting hearts on them. We just have a rash of them at sometimes," said Hawthorne.

Each time, the signs must be repaired or replaced by the county. For now, Hawthorne will continue to wait on the report from OHP about how many accidents have happened in the intersection. Until then, he recommends you take it slow and obey all the caution signs.

Using our archives of accidents we have reported on, we found just two in the past year.

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