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Police investigate daycare break-in

LAWTON, Okla._Lawton daycare owners are cleaning up after a break-in occurred early Monday morning.

It happened at Nana's Little Stars, which is in a former house that's been converted into a daycare center. Police said the burglars tried prying open one of the back doors and proceeded by kicking in the other back door. Most of the furniture had been turned upside down and several expensive items were stolen. The thieves even took diapers. The daycare owners have estimated they'll have to spend between $4,000 and $8,000 just to replace the stolen items.

"Oh, I'm very angry. Very angry! I'll give my shirt off my back to somebody, but when you start taking stuff from other people that don't belong to you, that's just wrong. I really hope you enjoy what you have. But, I'll tell ya what, the light's on if you want to come back," said Tom Schoen, one the daycare owners.

Schoen's daughter walked into the home daycare as if it was just another day at work but was shocked to see what had happened compared to only a few hours earlier. Most of the furniture had been flipped over and the wires had been cut.

The home daycare is named Nana's Little Stars because the founder, Loreen, who everyone calls nana, believes children are little stars from heaven. The children are now being kept at another house while they prepare to add more security to the daycare.

"Well, we will re-install more cameras. There will be more lights installed on the outside of the day care. So it's gonna look like Christmas around here at night time," said Schoen.

Schoen says despite the mess, the burglary was very organized and specific. However, he's grateful that none of the children were there when it happened.

"The biggest thing is the kids' safety. We're just lucky that it didn't happen when the kids were here," said Schoen.

He says they did have a security system installed in the home daycare and will have to look into why they weren't notified.

Luckily, a neighbor caught the burglary on their security cameras and Lawton police are still in the process of trying to review the surveillance tape.

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