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Family held at gunpoint during home invasion

LAWTON, Okla._A Lawton family was held hostage at gunpoint for more than half an hour Wednesday morning and police say two teenagers did it.

The victim, Paul Alverson, says his wife, his 20-year-old nephew and he were held at gunpoint and kept underneath a blanket while the robbers searched the home for cash, guns, and pills.

Paul Alverson was checking a back door around 8:00 a.m. Wednesday because he thought the wind blew it open, but that is when he saw a masked man with a gun trying to get in.

"He goes and tries to shove the gun in the crack of the door trying to push the door open, I just kind of leaned into it. I was telling the cops I bet he didn't expect no 360 pound man standing at the doorway when he tried to kick it open," said Alverson. "I had a hold of it and I went and tried to lock it and that's when he shoved the gun through the thing and pulled the trigger and everything just blowed up like that."

Alverson said his nephew then hid in a closet to load a gun and call 911. He was able to make the call but never able to talk to a dispatcher before one of the robbers found him in the closet and dragged him out. That's when the intruders held them at gunpoint and searched the house.

“They covered us all up with a blanket. I figured they were fixing to execute us before they got out of here,” said Alverson. “They kept telling us they were going to kill us. If I don't find money I'm going to kill you."

There the three waited while the intruders kept yelling at Paul, asking for his cash, guns, and any pills.

"They kept asking for pills, ‘you got any pills? I know you got pills!' I'm like, 'Dude, I'm a man, I don't need pills to get off,’ ya know," said Alverson as he explained what he went through.

Then the police showed up investigating the 911 hang up. An officer noticed the broken window on a side door and as he was approaching the house. The intruders saw him as they were leaving and took off from a different door. One suspect was caught immediately. The other was found a short time later hiding in a backyard down the street.

"I had more fear for my wife than I did anything. She was dressed in her military and I am thinking they are going to shoot her because she is military," said Alverson.

The two suspects are 15 and 16 years old. Their identities are not being released.


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