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Speeding leaves one vehicle in a ditch

LAWTON, Okla._An accident in a southwest Lawton neighborhood ended with an SUV in a ditch.

Residents of the Ranch Oak neighborhood saw the impact first-hand just after 2:00 p.m. Witness told police that they saw the driver speeding through the neighborhood when a tire blew and the driver lost control, causing the SUV to end up in the canal. The driver was treated at the scene for minor injuries. One witness, J'Mauri Love, said it was something that the neighborhood wasn't used to.

"Honestly it was the craziest thing I ever seen in the hood, to be honest with you. You know what I mean? Usually when people come to Ranch Oaks it’s about gun shots or murder or something like that," said Love.

Police say it's important to remember that paying attention to your speed can prevent these incidents.


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