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Ward 8: Candidate Profiles

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LAWTON, Okla._ In next Tuesday’s primaries there are three seats on the Lawton City Council up for grabs. In Ward 8, it’s a competition between a current councilman and former councilman.

“I think that I have a better view of city operations having worked here for 25 years,” says Doug Wells.

“It’s time to bring municipal government back from behind the curtain and let the citizens see what's going on,” says Randy Warren.

Warren spent 10 years on the city council and wants to win the seat back.

“I think the (city council is) lacking focus,” says Warren. “I don't think that there is a destination. I think everyone says we want to go on a trip but nobody really knows where that's going."

Warren has lived in the city since 1967 and is the owner of Warren’s Imports in downtown Lawton. Moving forward, he believes the council needs to focus their attention on public safety and getting the community's input before making big decisions.

“It’s generally a friendly and happy community,” he says. “There are some areas we need to work on because those areas drag the others down really fast."

Wells is currently in his second term on the council, and while he admits there is more work to be done, he's happy with recent progress in his ward.

“We’ve had about $18 million dollars worth of C.I.P. projects done in Ward 8 in the five years I’ve been on the council, which is a good fair share of the C.I.P. dollars that have been spent so far during that period of time."

Wells spent 20 years in the army followed by a 25-year career with the city of Lawton. Moving into his next term, if elected, he wants to build on some of his successes, including the addition of officers to the police force and working to add sidewalks in some of the city's older neighborhoods.

“I love the City of Lawton, and what I’m doing on the city council is to improve the quality of life and the appearance of Lawton and hopefully make it a better (and) safer city to live in."

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