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Altus animal shelter denies claims of animal cruelty

ALTUS, Okla._A petition has been circulating on the web that claims the Altus animal shelter is practicing animal cruelty.

It all started last week after the shelter received 19 kittens in the matter of two days and one of them died. The petition claims the kitten was left for dead but, the shelter said their workers put it on antibiotics to treat an eye infection, which they believe it had before arriving at the shelter.

Supervisor Tony Lee says the petition was started by a rescue group in Illinois that he said was upset over not having first pick of the dogs the shelter takes in. Lee says he implemented a policy that put a seven day hold on any animal, so the citizens of Altus could have first pick of adopting the animals before they were rescued. This new policy made the rescue groups unhappy because they weren't getting the more desirable dogs.

They also implemented a policy to get the more adoptable dogs spayed or neutered which meant a fee was required.

"If a rescue wanted a dog that had been spayed or neuter, then they had to pay the same price as a citizen because that was exactly what we had in it, 50 dollars," explained Lee.

Lee says they only euthanize the animals if they have a court order for being vicious, sick, or if they can not provide proper vet services. They also have to put animals down for over population, but they try and pick a dog that is very dog aggressive or vicious. And after that, it would be the first dog in.

Lee says the most important thing he can say to people that have read this petition or anything else negative about the shelter is for them to come and see for themselves.

"They'll see that we take care of our animals, we care about our animals. We have animals down here that we let run around here sometimes that are on the adoption list," Lee explained.

He says everyone at the shelter feels like the animals are locked up there unjustly due to having bad owners, so they do everything they can to make them feel loved.

"There is no way we would be abusing animals...that is what we charge other people with that have abused animals and we take a lot of animals away from abusers," said Lee.

Lee says a lot of the animals they have, have been adopted out by city workers, including himself and several other police officers

If anyone is interested in adopting an animal from the shelter, dogs are $50. Full grown cats are $40 and kittens are usually given away for free.


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