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Animal lover organizes pet microchipping clinic

Amarillo, TX - Many pets are being found in the streets of Clovis and Portales. It's a group of five ladies who came together over the weekend and for the first time offered a low cost micro chipping clinic for pets.

"Everyday I drive these streets and see animals on the streets, they are either strays or people have lost them and if we could catch these animals and they were micro chipped, we could get them back to their owners." says Wendy Turner, Coordinator of microchipping clinic.

"A lot of them are just dogs that people have that get out of their yard or you know they'll just take off if there is a storm or if their gate or fence blows over or open the dogs just take off." says Sgt. Walter Chamber, Animal Control Supervisor.

The Portales Animal Control also says many of the pets they find don't have identification, which is one of the reasons the animal control shelter is full.

So, Wendy Turner coordinated a microchipping clinic over the weekend charging $20.

"She's been an extreme role model in this community with animals from rescuing the pets to wanting to chip the pets and I thought this was a wonderful way for me to give back to the community and so I decided I would volunteer my time and help her out." says Nkoshe Seales, Volunteer at microchipping clinic.

Over 125 animals were microchipped.

Wendy says they are hoping to make it a semi- annual event and are currently looking for a business to use for their next clinic later this year.

"I want to thank everyone who volunteered. It was an amazing event, it went above and beyond anything that I could ever imagine." says Turner.

Wendy also has a Facebook page she uses to help lost and found pets, it's called "Wendy's page for lost pets of Clovis and Portales"

Turner is also registering the microchipped pets herself, as well as being listed as a secondary contact for the pets, unless the owners change it on their paperwork
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