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Lawsuit alleges Common Core repeal was unconstitutional

LAWTON, Okla._A group of parents, teachers and members of the state Board of Education have filed a lawsuit challenging Oklahoma's repeal of the Common Core State Standards.

The suit alleges the repeal was unconstitutional because it gives the legislature too much power in setting the new education standards.

Lawton Representative Ann Coody thinks this lawsuit was brought on by people who believe Common Core was a step in the right direction to raising the standard of education in Oklahoma.

"We want our students to be college ready, career ready and life ready when the graduate from high school. And I think this is probably the concern that led some parents, business leaders to this concern," said Coody.

Coody says under the bill that repealed Common Core, new standards will be written by the State Board of Education but approved by lawmakers.

"Our constitution doesn't say that politicians are to write our educational standards. It says that our state Board of Education and state Department of Education are to write those standards," explained Coody.

Coody says the inability to make a decision between teaching Common Core and not teaching Common Core is affecting teachers in a negative way, because they spend their summer preparing lesson plans for the following year.

"It's very confusing to teachers and it's very confusing to students. So I hope somehow we can make up our minds and end up doing what's best for our students," said Coody.

Coody says it's unclear whether a new bill would have to be written or if the part ruled unconstitutional would just be rewritten. The state Supreme Court will make a ruling in July.

Coody says after Common Core was repealed she requested an interim study to see what educators were going to teach now that Common Core was no longer required.


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