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Pastor helps woman in a dangerous situation

DUNCAN, Okla._Staff and church members are still in shock from Wednesday's standoff in Duncan.

Officials said it began when a young woman suffering from mental illness sneaked through the back door of Ray of Hope Church, threatening to kill herself. Once officers arrived, she walked outside and fired a warning shot. Thankfully, the associate pastor was able to get the woman to drop the gun.

It started as just another day at work for the staff members, until it turned into a life or death situation. Senior pastor Mike McCord says he and an associate pastor did all they could to try and calm the distraught woman so that she wouldn't harm herself or anyone else.

“Our associate pastor just brought lunch in through the back, he unlocked the door, then right after that a young lady came in with a hand gun. And he said ‘somebody just walked in with a gun’ so we evacuated the staff out to the parking lot on the other side of the church," explained pastor McCord.

McCord then called 911 and told dispatch he didn't know exactly where the woman had walked off to. When police arrived, they heard a gunshot out in the field in front of the church.

"And so our associate pastor went out and began to talk to her and tried to calm her down," said McCord.

He was then able to convince her to throw the gun down. They then drove her back to the other side of the church to police.

"We visited with her for a little while, then the officers took her away," said McCord.

McCord says usually all of the doors are locked at all times, but she was able to sneak through before someone was able to lock it. Churches are known to have an open-door policy and are viewed as home away from home. But McCord says they just can't do that anymore.

"Well we live in a different time today. Years ago, we didn't lock the church. Today, not only do we lock the church, but you have to ring in to get in. We have a security team here because of situations that can arise," explained McCord.

As of now, the woman is at a Duncan hospital for evaluation.

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