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Comanche County Sheriff warns about phone scams

LAWTON, Okla_A recent string of scams has hit Comanche County costing some hundreds and thousands of dollars. Sheriff Stradley said there are many things to remember and look out for, so you don't fall victim. A key thing to remember is, if it sounds too good to be true, than it's probably not true. 

"Please do not give out your hard earned money to these people that are scamming people," said Sheriff Stradley.

It's more than just one scam, there are many. Stradley spoke about several different ones occurring in the county.

"They said that their son is in jail and that a deputy from the Comanche County Sheriffs Department had called them and told them how much they needed to bring. Again, that's not the way we operate," said Stradley

Sheriff Stradley said the Sheriffs office will never call anyone asking for any amount of money. Another scam involves someone pretending to be the court clerk, warning you that since you didn't show up for jury duty,  you owe them money

Sheriff Stradley says that the scammers can play with your emotions.

"Number one they know they can tug on your heart if it's your grand kid, kid, or your brother, or somebody in your family. First thing you do, is think oh my, I got to get them out of jail."

The Sheriff's office is trying to track down those that scam.

"We are trying to find these people. We ran one down, he was in another country, the number that we ran down. We would love to catch these people because we would like to give them a new place to live," said Stradley.

He said to never send money to anyone you do not know and that if they say a family member is in jail, or in trouble, to contact other family members to see if it's true.


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