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Lawton couple builds their own tiny house

LAWTON, Okla._A Lawton couple is now living the big life, but in a small way.

Cody Greene and Kelly Bentley just finished building their "tiny house." It's 160 square feet and is a part of a movement that has hit America where you minimize your living space and live with just what you need.

The entire project, from blueprints to completion, took just 11 months.

"On this side is our couch/dinner table because we have this table that folds down, so it's kind of our community area," said Cody Greene as he explained how they maximize their space.

When you have 160 square feet to work with building a house you have to get creative and Cody and Kelly did just that. They have their couch/table, hidden storage in their stairs, and storage all around their upstairs bedroom.

"We have storage built into all of the sideboards and the head board as well," explained Kelly Bentley.

The house is similar to an RV so it has hook ups for water and electricity. When building a tiny house, you have to make some sacrifices, especially for these two who are moving the house to Colorado on July 11.

“I just have a lot of clothes and a lot of shoes, just girl problems. Purses, just things throughout the years, and it's just like I haven't worn this in two years I've got to let it go," said Bentley.

But everything isn't a sacrifice. In the tiny house they have a wood burning stove and a full size bathtub, two things the couple said were necessary.

"It was very important for Kelly, she has to have her baths so we fit it in there and made it happen," said Greene.

In the bathroom, there’s also a compost toilet. Obviously space is hard to come by when you build a house on a trailer, and that includes personal space, but the two say the theory behind the tiny house helps with when you need to get away.

"[We] built the house to be more outside with our lives, and not live in our house all the time. So I think this lifestyle promotes that and you always have the outdoors to go to and be out of the house," said Greene.

The freedom isn't just in the outdoors either, it's in their back pockets.

"There is a monetary freedom there because you're not spending, you don't have to, each month, put money just towards your living. Compared to what our bills are going to be here it's less than half. So that's huge, and that is Internet, that's all of our amenities that we are going to need. We are going to be able to invest in our future through doing this," explained Bentley

Cody and Kelly now have a little over a week to make those final decisions of what is going with them to Colorado.

The couple says the overall cost for building the house was around $20,000 and everything but some wiring was done by them, using their own blueprints.


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