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Three men shot, Altus police are investigating

ALTUS, Okla._A barrage of gunshots rang out in an Altus neighborhood Tuesday night, seriously injuring three people.

It happened around 11:30 p.m. at a home on the 600 block of north Willard. Police said the victims were inside the north corner of the house when bullets came flying in. One man was hit in the back, another in the face and shoulder and third in the hand.

Police said there were two other people in the home at the time of the shooting, but said they didn't see anything because they ducked for cover when they heard the gunshots. No one currently at the home wanted to talk about the shooting.

This time of year, and this week especially, gunshots can easily be mistaken for other sounds.

"I heard three gunshots and I kinda thought it was fireworks really," said James Hazel, a neighbor who heard the shots.

Hazel says after turning his TV off and seeing ambulances and police cars outside, that his first thought was correct.

"It was pretty scary you know. This house has been shot up a couple of times but nothing ever like what's going on here," said Hazel.

Detective Robert McGill says they found several different caliber shell casings at the scene which they believe means multiple suspects were involved.

"When the first officers arrived they were flagged down in the street by a person that had called the police department and told them they had a victim that was shot. One of the officers went to one house because that victim had went there for assistance," said Detective McGill.

This week has been a busy one for Altus police, with two shooting in less than 24 hours. But McGill says though the incidents are not connected it is still a very unusual occurrence for Altus.

"It's a little unusual for the town, for the city to have that but it has happened in the past," said Detective McGill.

McGill says they don't know if the suspects were on foot or in a car. He doesn't think there is a need for the citizens of Altus to be worried because he believes this was an isolated incident.

"Altus is a small community. I don't see this as a large problem. It's not as if we have people roaming the streets shooting up houses," said Detective McGill.

But Hazel isn’t sure if the shootings are done.

"I'll be watching, I'll keep my eye out because I don't want no trouble over here myself. I've been here for a long time," said Hazel.

Police said two of the victims were flown by helicopter to an Oklahoma City hospital and the third was taken to Jackson County Memorial.

Altus police said they do not have any suspects at the time, but are following up on several leads. They will be sending forensic evidence collected at the scene to the lab for testing.


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