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Animal group adopts lizard from Lawton animal shelter

LAWTON, Okla._A lizard is getting a new place to lounge around thanks to an animal group out of Oklahoma City.

A two-foot long savannah monitor lizard had been living at the Lawton animal shelter for two years. At least until the shelter found out about "Extreme Animals" and asked if they could take the lizard since they are trained to take care of exotic animals. The owner of Extreme Animals, Shana Schmidt, says they'll take him to the vet and then begin to rehabilitate him.

"We'll educate kids about him and about how these guys are exotics; they are not the best pets. People cannot have these, they are not meant to be in households. They are meant to be at a proper facility where they can get sun exposure, UVB light and their proper diet," explained Schmidt.

Schmidt says they already have one savannah monitor so the new lizard will already have a friend. If you're interested in Extreme Animals’ children's education events you can check out their website at


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