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Lawton fire fighters are ready to save lives at the lake

LAWTON, Okla._While some people have jump started their Independence Day celebrations while soaking up the sun at the lake, Lawton firefighters were right alongside them.

For the past several weeks the Lawton Fire Department has been spending their time at Lake Lawtonka, but not for leisure. Instead, it's been in preparation for the Fourth of July. They say the lakes are a hot spot for those celebrating the holiday so they're on hand hoping to keep them safe in the event of a fire or medical emergency.

Firefighters will be on land and in the water, ready to leap into action should an emergency arise. This year, for the first time, the department has their very own boat that will enable them to be on water which will cut down on their response time.

Lawton fire training officer, Jared Williams says while the lake can be a good time, the combination can also be dangerous.

"You know, just periodically any time you get as large a gathering as you do, there are going to be just normal medical emergencies that'll come up. And some of those may be on the water, on the beach and we'll be ready to assist in either one of those," explained Williams.

He says the combination of an influx of lake goers, alcohol, and lack of responsibility while on the water can easily cause accidents. If an accident should happen, Williams says their boat will allow them to get to their patient quickly and so they can begin treating them until more help arrives.

“We have back boards and sea collars that we'll be able to maintain. Then we will get them stabilized until the ambulance shows up," said Williams.

Dehydration while at the lake for hours isn't all that uncommon either. So, Williams says firefighters are prepared to administer an emergency IV to those who become overheated. He says while his guys won't be at the lake celebrating, they are happy to be there while on the job.

"It's just a great day to come out and to serve the citizens of Lawton," said Williams.

The lake rescue team will remain at the lake until about 9:00 p.m. and they are encouraging everyone to be responsible.


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