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Rainfall dampens holiday celebrations

LAWTON, Okla._  Sudden rainfall briefly poured over Lake Lawtonka putting a damper on Fourth of July celebrations.

A road to the lake’s day-use area turned into a muddy mess Friday, trapping cars and causing several fender benders a

"When the rain hit, this parking lot was already full and luckily before it really started to get bogged down most people had left. When it turns dark tonight it's going to be interesting getting the rest of these people out of here," said Lawton Police Lieutenant Bill Jenkins.

The road to Lawtonka's day use area turned into a mud pit early this Friday afternoon trapping several vehicles. Police worked to get them out, but said the problem only worsened as drivers spun their tires in an effort to get free. Vehicles created deep drudges in the mud trapping more people and backing up traffic. That's when police to made the decision to close the road to further traffic--keeping people away from the designated area to pop fireworks. Police say the decision wasn't an easy one, but was in the best interest of public safety.

Friday’s problems were compounded by an influx of lake-goers traveling from Texas due to the state's extreme drought and lack of water.


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