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Officials: Drunk man to blame for house fire

 LAWTON, Okla_ A vacant home near Cache was destroyed by fire overnight Saturday. Investigators

said a drunk man is to blame for igniting the blaze.  

The house, located just north of the Goodyear Tire Plant, caught fire around 4 Saturday morning.

That home quickly taken over by flames.  

"In a matter of minutes this entire area was engulfed," Cache Fire Chief Dale Winham said.

Dash cam video from Winham shows large flames.

"We probably had 30 foot flames coming from the home itself. They were very aggressive in trying to contain it in this area so it wouldn't spread to other homes," Winham said.

The massive flames were all caused by a man who investigators say was drunk and drove off the road, smashing through a fence and even though he was stuck he didn't let off the gas.

"He literally burnt the tires off of the rims and then the vehicle caught on fire.  He knew the vehicle was on fire, he got out of the vehicle fortunately and didn't have any injuries, and the fire quickly spread from there," Winham said.

Jacob McDaniel was arrested at the scene for public drunkenness, and could still face additional charges, pending the outcome of an investigation.

As for the house it has been vacant for some time,  and Chief Winham says it had all the ingredients to cause a large fire.  

"Being vacant for as long as it was and the dry wood a grass fire could have easily torched it off, but the ignition source of the pick up truck things just didn't last long around it.  Everything was so dry, a lot of debris, a lot of material, a lot of fuel to burn," Winham said.

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