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Made in America: Duncan shop offers USA products

DUNCAN, Okla._ One business touts itself as truly patriotic this Fourth of July weekend. American Scents has been saying bye-bye to big business for two years and hello to Main Street U.S.A.

The flag outside American Scents symbolizes what the business is all about. The flag is made in Indiana, and so is everything else in the store.

“We shouldn't be waving an American flag that's made in china,” says Deana Adair, owner.

Hundreds of items, all with that one homemade thread, line the store’s shelves. There are many items that are made in southwest Oklahoma. Adair carries wood cross crafted in Duncan, salsa made in Lawton and coffee freshly ground in Marlow.

“People are looking at what they’re buying; they're turning it over and seeing where it's made."

Adair opened American Scents in 2012 after her other business closed its doors. She says sales plummeted thanks to those big box retailers coming to town.

“I had originally thought about doing a candle shop, you know American scents, and then I thought I need to add lots of American made stuff."

The name stuck and now she says it just makes sense to buy at American Scents. With each sale, Adair feels like she’s helping fellow Americans who are supplying her store with products.

“Most of them are small businesses, too, they might be a mom and pop doing it together or small family and they appreciate every sale."

Adair believes the trend will continue. She thinks more recently Americans are taking notice and looking at the tag before reaching into their wallet.

“People are wanting to get back to the basics and buy American made.”

You can visit American Scents on Facebook by clicking here.

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