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Lawton Public Schools starts open enrollment process for students

LAWTON, Okla._Even though it may seem like the kids just got out of school, the next school year starts in just five weeks.

Monday was the first day of open enrollment for Lawton Public Schools and that's why parents were lining up to make sure their students are in the right school when the doors open again in August.

This year, parents will be able to go to Douglass Learning Center to enroll their student in all Lawton public schools, unlike last year, when parents had to go to the individual school to enroll them. This makes it easier on parents and the district.

Whether their children were first time Pre-K students or their family had just moved to town, Monday was the day more than 100 new students were enrolled.

"I got here before the crowd got here, so it went pretty good," said grandmother Virginia Jirtle.

That's why so many people chose to come on the first day. But some people still thought they could've arrived earlier.

"I was here this morning to pick up a packet and there were quite a few people here so I decided to take it home, fill it out, and come back," said Cornell Cornor, a parent..

Those are the two things Student Data Administrator Kim Elam encourages parents to do. She encourages them to fill out the packet online and to come sooner rather than later to avoid the lines.

"Elementary schools, their classes have 'x' number of teachers per grade level and they have to know the number of students attending before they know how many teachers they're going to need," said Elam.

Elam says prior to having the enrollment center, schools didn't know how many students to expect until ten days before school started, which was a problem, especially for the elementary schools.

"They have kids check in or they think kids are coming back that never show up. It's because over the summer they've moved and they'll be going to another school. That fluctuates the population of the elementary school," explained Elam.

Elam says they will now have a more accurate number to make those adjustments prior to school starting.

"It's a lot more chaotic and stressful on both the students and teachers if after school gets started, they have to do a bunch of shuffling," said Elam.

Though the process went smoothly for everyone, most were glad they got it over with early.

"I turned around and looked and I thought ‘Look at all those people.’ So I'm glad to be done so we can do something else now," said Jirtle.

If you are enrolling your child, you must bring your child's state-issued birth certificate, shot records and proof of residence. You only need to enroll your children if they did not attend a Lawton public school last year or if you have moved.

You can download your own enrollment packet on the LPS website at

The center, located at 102 E. Gore Blvd., will be open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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