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High weeds are putting out a potential threat for drivers

Amarillo, TX - Along I-40 and I-27 you may notice high weeds. TxDOT hires contracted mowers who deal with a total of 17 counties and the mowers started Monday with Potter and Randall counties.

We found weeds that were waist high making it dangerous for drivers to potentially miss traffic signs or reflectors.

TxDOT says recent rain has caused the weeds to grow faster but says the mowers are on schedule, it will take up to 25 days to get all the high weeds cleared out.

"We have over 9,000 miles of roadway that we have to do because that's both sides of the road so it takes awhile," says Paul Braun, TxDOT spokesperson.

The contracted mowers tell us they have 9 workers out and equipment that include 3 big tractors, 1 small tractor and 4 weed eaters. Because the high weeds are time consuming if there is an immediate safety concern TxDOT says they will take care of it.

"Safety is our number one priority and if you have an issue at our intersection, you can't see around because of the overgrown vegetation, if we haven't gotten to it already, we need to know about it and you can call our district office and we will get our forces out there to do what we call a spot safety mow, to get that intersection and get it done." says Braun.
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